New Business Opportunities: Making Money in a Low Inventory Environment

May 18
9:45 AM - 10:25 AM

Gerry Gould
Gerry Gould & Associates

While most dealers have figured out how to secure pre-orders in the current Low Inventory Environment, many miss the opportunity to maximize the profitability in their F&I department. The main culprit is F&I managers not fully engaging with those customers in the dealerships pipeline. With little or no F&I presence during the customer’s “waiting period” securing maximum profitability is compromised. After all, a lot can happen while the customer is waiting for the vehicle to appear. One of the most effective strategies for your clients F&I Teams to prosper in this LowInventory Environment is to show them the G.O.Y.A. (Get Off Your Ass) and take immediate and consistent action. General Agents who attend this session will leave with tips, techniques, and tactics aimed towards motivating their clients to take the necessary steps that ensure a smooth and profitable F&I outcome. From an F&I manager’s preliminary contact to their pre-delivery discussion, process and procedures designed to build a strong connection and exceed expectations with the dealerships customers in the pipeline will be presented.