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Matthew Bartle

Matthew Bartle

Partner | Bartle + Marcus LLC

Matt Bartle has been practicing law since 1990. After spending 15 years defending large and small companies while working for national defense firms, Matt decided to open his own law firm with David Marcus in 2005. Since then, Matt has been representing entrepreneurs and business owners who have business disputes with other businesses, primarily on a contingency fee basis.  Matt also represents businesses and individuals who have suffered investment losses. At least half of his cases involve arbitrations. He has handled hundreds of cases all over the United States in state and federal court and in arbitration. From 1998 until 2010, Matt served in the Missouri legislature. He was Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee for 8 years.

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August 30, 2021
3:45 PM - 4:30 PM (PT)

Every Agent has experienced manufacturer manipulation. Be informed – Practices affecting your business may not be legal! More Info