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Tony Wanderon

Tony Wanderon

President and CEO | National Auto Care

Tony Wanderon is the President and CEO of National Auto Care and Family First Dealer Services. He founded FFDS in 2011 and merged it with National Auto Care in 2013. Tony has more than 35 years in the industry as an Agent, Administrator and Executive for a Fortune 50 company and has spearheaded or been involved in four public and private sale transactions of companies he has led. Throughout his career, Tony has been an innovator and leader in the automotive F&I industry. As the President of ERJ Insurance Group, a large independent insurance agency, and several administrators, he established relationships with agents dealers, major financial institutions and OEMs while pioneering several F&I products including GAP and Trade-In Protection and developed the first successfully integrated dealer-owned Personal Lines Insurance Agency nationwide.

Tony has a reputation as a visionary in the industry and is often called upon to speak at industry events, serve on advisory boards, provide expert witness services as well as providing regular insight for automotive F&I industry publications. Since 2018, he not only led his company through an acquisition by its second private equity firm, Lovell Minnick Partners, but has also overseen the acquisitions of multiple agencies by NAC.