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Solution Provider - Your Dealer Experience – by Strategic DX

Digital lifecycle, beyond digital retailing, is today’s immense untapped revenue growth horizon. It’s critically past due and ready to be championed. Ready?

  • Multi F&I administrator digital claims processing (solving the current F&I service engagement maze for your dealers and their customers and transcending 1-800 numbers, phone queues with CALL HOLD WAIT TIMES and manual claim processing)
  • Capture missed F&I product sales after the vehicle purchase (digitally extending the F&I revenue touch points beyond the time constraints of the menu presentation)
  • Push notification dealer messaging (replacing phone solicitations, junk mail/email and random text messages) to empower relevant dealer-customer engagement
  • Rewards program to incentivize customer loyalty
  • No change in F&I admin platform required to deploy
  • Dealer branded
  • Web, Android and Apple apps
  • Unified experience “all-in-one-app", where today’s customer will successfully only embrace one digital pathway with their dealer after the point-of-sale

Only new revenue touch points, significant operational efficiencies, unprecedented competitive differentiation, desired relationship stickiness, advanced dealer-customer engagement and meaningful retention awaits.

In 2021, you’re either enhancing Your Dealer Experience or you’re part of the disconnected from reality problem. Hint: there is no in between.

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Your Dealer Experience – by Strategic DX Message Your Dealer Experience – by Strategic DX