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Tony Troussov

Tony Troussov

Principal | Mezen Dealer Services

Tony grew up in the former Soviet Union and immigrated to the United States at the age of 18.  Together with his wife Maria they moved with two half-full suitcases and $50 to their name.  Starting on the bottom as new immigrants with no relatives, but plenty of friends, Tony graduated college and a graduate school. 

He had a great career in the automotive business for over 24 years. His positions included: New Car Manager, Used Car Manager, F&I Manager, F&I Director, Corporate F&I Trainer, Corporate Director of Training for a large automotive group and General Manager of Toyota a top 100 Toyota dealership in the US.  Most recently he served as a Corporate F&I Director for a large group.  

After spending six years working for a large F&I agency, in 2018 he launched - Mezen Dealer Services, LLC, to accomplish a long-term goal of an American Dream – business ownership.  Over the last three years it has been considered one of the fastest growing agencies.  

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